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General Terms & Conditions

If you enter our website, you accept the following agreement:

This website contains adult-oriented material that may be offensive to, or
illegal for some readers. This website is fully compliant with US law 2257
and doesn't contain sexual explicit material that is considered illegal. If
you feel offended by nudity, sexual performances whatsoever you should not
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The contents shown on this website is sexually oriented and is meant for
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Also when you have access to this website from a country where adult
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By accepting this agreement I agree to the following:
? I'm 18 years of age or older.
? I'm fully aware of the contents of this site. The contents I'm buying for
will not be recorded or published in any way by me and I will not show these
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? I agree to be fully liable for my behavior on this website and that I will
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BE AWARE: If you don't know the laws in your country in accordance with the
exposure of adult nudity/sexuality on internet sites, you should leave this
site immediately.